ABERGO - legal office of Aleksey Berjoza

      Priorities of ABERGO activities are to provide the highest quality of legal services, to protect the interests and to provide an individual approach in the rendering of legal services.
      Basic principles of our work are responsibility, competence and confidentiality.
      Our legal office provides services in a strict accordance with the law of Latvian Republic un International law.
      Our clients are juridical persons (Latvian Republic residents and non residents) and individuals (Latvian Republic residents and non residents).
      ABERGO members are qualified lawyers with long-term experience of working in legal system.
      Our legal office provides legal services in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Russia and in some European countries.

 Civil law
 Administrative law
 Commercial law
 Criminal law
 Representation of interests
 Debt collection
 Maritime law
 Accounting services
 Property transactions
 Residence permit
 Protection of consumer rights
 International law
 Employment law

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